Israeli media sources reported Wednesday that the Israeli army and the navy are intensifying their training and preparing plans to intercept and attack the Freedom Flotilla 2 should it try to reach the Gaza Coast to deliver humanitarian supplies. The Israeli Radio stated that the army in determined to stop the Flotilla and will not allow the activists to break the siege on the coastal region.

Units will be holding extensive training Wednesday to prepare for all possible scenarios. The Israeli Navy also concluded its training to intercept the Freedom Flotilla aimed at avoiding last year’s deadly Israeli attack against the Freedom Flotilla that led to the death of nine Turkish activists and dozens of injuries.

Also, the Radio said that the Prison Administration is also preparing for the possibility of extensive arrests amongst the activists aboard the ships.

On Tuesday, the Israeli Prison Administration transferred dozens of Palestinian detainees from Qidar detention facility to Ramon in order to make space for the possibility of massive arrests among the activists.

The Freedom Flotilla 2 will be sailing to Gaza likely in the last week of June. 15 boats will be sailing from different European ports. The ships will carry tons of humanitarian and medical supplies, while nearly 1500 activists will be on-board.