The undercover forces of the Israeli Police stated that one of its units managed to apprehend an Israeli settler who shot and killed a Palestinian youth in January this year. The Police said that the Israeli man is 27, and lives in Jerusalem; he shot and killed Adi Qadous, 19, near Iraq Burin village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Israeli paper, Haaretz, reported Thursday that a surveillance system installed at a nearby military base captured on film the settler who pulled his gun and opened fire at Qadous before fleeing the scene.

The video showed two Palestinian youths from Iraq Burin approaching the settler, and at a later stage hurled stones at him; he pulled his gun killing one before fleeing the scene.

Israeli investigators spent months trying to locate the settler who killed the Palestinian youth, especially since the camera did not zoom to get a clear image, and no sound was recorded to know the context of the quarrel that preceded the shooting.

The investigator eventually located the gun used in killing the Palestinian youth. The defense attorney of the settler described the incident as an “act of self-defense”.