Palestinian political detainees at the Israeli Eshil detention center torched their mattresses in protest to detaining a mother of one of them under the pretext of carrying “unpermitted luggage” for her detained son.After detaining the mother, the Israeli Prison Administration cancelled visitation, moved the detainees back to their rooms, and forced their relative out of the prison compound.

Following the attack, the detainees torched their mattresses to protest the imprisonment of the old woman.

The Prison Administration announced full alert and sealed all rooms preventing the detainees from leaving them.

Israeli soldiers repeatedly break into the rooms of Palestinian detainees in several prisons and detention center and regularly confiscate their belongings.

There are more than 8000 Palestinians imprisoned by Israel including hundreds of children, women and elderly. Hundreds of detainees have been imprisoned by Israel since more than 20 years, dozens of them been behind bars since more than 30 years.