In an interview with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC), Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, said that he has the right to name the head of the upcoming Palestinian transitional government that would serve for 10 or 11 months.Abbas stated that the transitional government would be in charge of two main tasks; rebuilding the Gaza Strip, and preparing for general and presidential elections. He also said that the government would follow his lead and policies as the president of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

“This complies %100 with the reconciliation agreement”, Abbas said, “We prepared the initiative, Hamas signed it with us in Cairo, the initiative calls for forming a government run by independent figures and technocrats”.

The Palestinian president further stated that the new government, headed by Dr. Salaam Fayyad, will not have a political agenda, but will only have an independent and technocrat program.

“This is an effective agenda, tested and proven to be practical”, he said, “Frankly, there isn’t a single Arab state that received certificates and acknowledgments in
transparency as much as the government of Fayyad did”.

The Palestinian leader added that the Palestinians are holding nonviolent resistance against the occupation, similar to the nonviolent movements for change in the Arab world.

“I was and am still opposed to armed struggle”, Abbas said, “I strongly support nonviolent resistance, the nonviolent Intifada taking place right now in Palestine”.
Abbas also stated that he would resign the moment the Palestinians hold their first protest demanding him to leave his post.

“I promise, I will resign and will not remain in power even for a day”, he said, “I will leave before anyone says we don’t want Abbas in power”.

He further stated that the Palestinian Authority will not resume peace talks with Israel before it stops all of its settlement activities and violations in the occupied territories.

“This issue is clearly defined in the Road Map Peace Plan, and all related agreements”, Abbas said, “Despite signing agreements and commitments, Israel keeps violating all deals”.

The Hamas movement denounced the statement of Abbas, and considered them a violation to the signed National Unity Agreement.