Mass protests have again broken out in Egypt over delays in the prosecution of security personal who shot dead protesters during the Egyptian uprising that swept Hosni Mubarak out of power in February. Protesters are demanding the speedy trail of those suspected of responsibility for the death of the some 846 people killed during the demonstrations that rocked the Arab world and the removal of the military from power.Egyptian pro democracy activists have reoccupied Tahrir Square following a march on Friday 9th of July in the Egyptian capital Cairo. The protesters are calling for the removal of the ruling military council as well as the speedy trail of more than 600 policemen accused of killing protesters during the countries uprising.

Thousands of Egyptians marched in Cairo on Tuesday to military headquarters chanting “down, down with military rule” according to al Jazeera.

Opposition group, “Revolutions Youth Commission”, has called for another mass protest this Friday. The protest is being referred to by the protest groups as “the final ultimatum”.

The protests are the largest since the mass marches that rocked the Arab world and overthrew Hosni Mubarak in February of this year. They are increasingly been aimed at the military establishment who has ruled since the fall of Mubarak. Protesters have become frustrated with the pace of change under military rule.

The military has insisted it will hold elections in September and current PM Essam Sharaf has promised cabinet reshuffles. However, protesters have not been satisfied with the government guarantee’s.

Mubarak will go on trial for the death of protesters on August 3rd.