Commander of the so-called “Judea and Samria” Israeli army brigade, operating in the occupied West Bank, Nitzan Alon, stated during closed military and security sessions that armed clashes between Israeli soldiers and settlers is a possible scenario, adding that the real danger is what lies in books like “Torat Hamelech”.According to Israeli paper, Maariv, Alon said that there is a possibility that some settlers would open fire at Israeli soldiers during the upcoming evacuation of Mitzpe Yitzhar illegal settlement, later this year.

Alon added that the real danger lies in Jewish settlers who strongly believe in the “Torat Hamelech” book that incites violence and calls for killing non-Jews, even infants and children.

He further stated that extremist settler groups are already attacking Palestinian areas, torching mosques and farmlands, and that further escalation, under “price tag” policy used bu the settlers, could lead to clashes with Israeli soldiers and policemen for demolishing and evacuating illegal settlement outposts.

Nitzan, who headed the (Sayeret Mitkal) advanced military intelligence unit, said that “the minority of extremist settlers” could attract support from thousands of settlers, especially since Israel is lenient in dealing with them and their constant attacks.

Nitzan also led an army unit during the 2006 Israeli offensive against Lebanon. He became the target for extremist right-wing leaders and officials for his role in the evacuation of illegal Israel settlement outposts in the occupied West Bank.

Extremist settlers repeatedly protested in front of his home, and also attacked his car near a settlement in the northern part of the West Bank.

Israeli political leaders has repeatedly warned that armed clashes could talk place with the armed Israeli settler population in the occupied West Bank, and pointed to the possibility that soldiers and commanders who live in Jewish settlements could mutiny and refuse to evacuate settlements.