Israeli army bulldozers uprooted, on Thursday morning, Palestinian olive orchards that belong to residents of Beit Iksa village, in occupied East Jerusalem, in order to build a section of the illegal Annexation Wall, and to allow the expansion of Ramot illegal settlement. The soldiers uprooted dozens of olive trees that belong to members of Hababa, Gheith and Hamayel Palestinian families, who tried to defend their lands and were met my excessive use of force by the soldiers.

The latest incident comes amidst escalated violations by the Israeli Authorities against the local Palestinian residents in occupied Jerusalem, their homes and lands.

In related news, soldiers decided to demolish a Palestinian home and two sheds in Al Zawiya Palestinian village, near the central West Bank city of Salfit.

Khader Shqier, head of Al Zawiya village council, said that the home belongs to resident Mahmoud Abed Rabbo, and that it was constructed near the northern entrance of the village more than 25 years ago.

Shqier added that resident Adnan Qaddoura, and Eyad Shqeir, were handed military order to demolish their sheds, built more than 10 years ago in the village.