Israeli troops attacked on Friday the weekly nonviolent protests against the Annexation Wall in Al Ma’sara village, near the West Bank; three residents suffered concussions and bruises. Soldiers blocked all entrances of the village, declared it “a closed military zone”, and attacked several residents injuring three after beating and clubbing them.

The local residents and their supporters gathered in Jabal Al Tahrir area in the village, near lands Israel intends to confiscate and homes threatened by Israeli demolition orders, to express their rejection to the illegal Israeli policies and measures.

The protest was organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in the village, while the protestors chanted in support of Palestinian unity and demanding the International Community to support the Palestinian people until they achieve liberation and independence.

Similar to previous protests, dozens of Israeli and international peace activists participated in the protest.

The protestors carried Palestinian flags, EU Flags, and the flags of a number of countries that support the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people.

They said that their nonviolent activities will never stop until the Palestinians achieve liberation and all of their legitimate rights.