Sources at the office of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, denied media reports claiming that Netanyahu instructed his National Security advisor to weigh the possibility of voiding the Oslo peace agreements should the Palestinian Authority succeed in gaining international recognition of an independent state at the United Nations this September.The Israeli Radio reported that Netanyahu had asked Yaacov Meridor to weigh all options that Israel could talk should the Palestinian carry out “bilateral measures”, mainly seek international recognition of an independent Palestinian State.

Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported that the latest talks held by Meridor with senior Israeli officials looked into the option of voiding the Oslo accords, and that the officials said that this option does not top the list, yet is remains an option.

Haaretz quoted an official stating that this option will be one of the options that would be presented to the political leadership.

Head of the official Palestinian government media office, Dr. Ghassan Al Khatib, told a German paper that the Israeli threats are unacceptable, and that they represent a “political blackmail”.

“Oslo agreements are not in the interest of one part against the other, they are supposed to serve both sides”, Al Khatib stated, “The agreements cannot be used by one side as a threat against the other”.

He also rejected the Israeli claims that its threats “come in response to Palestinian unilateral moves”, adding that “heading to the United Nations is part of a multilateral activity that cannot be considered a unilateral move”.

Al Khatib also accused Israel of only implementing what it likes in the Oslo deals, and ignoring all other parts that do not serve its interests.

The Palestinian Authority is ongoing with its preparations for the United Nations move this coming September, while Palestinian ambassadors held, over the last two days, several meetings in Istanbul, and were informed by the Palestinian leadership that there will be a meeting in Doha – Qatar on August 4th, to finalize the resolution that will be presented to the United Nations in September.

Officials from Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank attended the meetings.

Palestinian diplomats were also instructed to lobby amongst Jewish communities around the world to explain the nature and the motive of the September UN move.

Haaretz reported that these efforts are being carried out while Israel is extensively involved in international talks to counter the Palestinian move, and counter what comes after it.

The paper added that, three weeks ago, Netanyahu instructed Meridor to start all preparations that also include talks with different government agencies, and to present recommendations regarding a possible Israeli political response.

It also said that the Israeli National Security Council had asked different government agencies to weigh the possibility of voiding the Oslo accords should the UN approve the Palestinian statehood demand.

Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) signed the Oslo peace agreements in the period between 1993 and 1995.

The agreements are considered the legal base of relations between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority, especially issues related to security, economy and infrastructure.