A group of former Israeli army officials and diplomats have told the U.S. National Security Council that Israel’s 1967 borders are defensible and that a peace agreement with the Palestinians must be made soon.In the meeting with the U.S. National Security Council director the group countered previous claims saying, “The 1967 borders are defensible, we just need to define – defensible against what? It’s true they are indefensible against rockets from Iran, but so is all the territory of Israel.”

Of Israel’s need for strategic depth they said, “To say that the strategic depth of the Jordan Valley will save Israel, that is a deception.” Major General (Ret.) Natan Sharoni, claimed that the IDF could defend any border given the proper strategic development and preparation.

The group highlighted the importance of a stable Palestinian state saying, “If the Palestinian state is not viable – we shoot ourselves in the leg,” emphasizing that peace was an urgent matter.

The group consists of several highly decorated Israeli military officials, two former ambassadors, and Gilead Sher, the legal representative for the Shalit family.

President Obama has previously stated that a two state solution should be implemented on the 1967 borders. Netanyahu has described those borders as “indefensible”.