An official from the Central Elections Commission stated that the October 22 Palestinian elections will only take place in the West Bank. He cited interference from Hamas as the reason for the canceling of elections in Gaza.The announcement to cancel the October elections in Gaza came from the CEC after it was informed of the decision by the government. The CEC earlier sent a letter to the cabinet stating it was making little progress in preparing Gaza for the elections.

CEC officials claim that Hamas has interfered with their efforts by forcing them to close offices and confiscating their vehicles.

Hamas has countered the accusations by saying that Fatah has failed to reform the CEC according to the terms of the reconciliation deal.

The elections were originally due in January 2010, but have been postponed multiple times.

The elections were meant to be part of a unilateral pursuit for officially recognized Palestinian statehood, along with the reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah and the UN September bid.

The reconciliation and unity agreement is currently at an impasse, but the PA still plans to pursue the September bid.