A summer camp for children in Northwest Gaza was vandalized ten minutes after midnight July 28, 2011. The assailants damaged a billboard sign, torched part of the camp stage, and burned a United Nations flag.
None of the UN personnel were hurt when the ten attackers came to vandalize the UN sponsored summer camp.

The vandalizing of the summer camp came one day before the camp is to attempt to set a world record of the largest amount of kites launched by children.

Spokesman for the UNRWA, Chris Gunness, said the attempt to hit a new world record would happen despite the attacks.

“We condemn this attack, which is an attack on the children of Gaza as much as on the United Nations,” Gunness said.

Muslim extremists have been suspected as initiating the attack since the UN sponsored camps have been viewed as corrupt since boys and girls play together.

The UNRWA has asked the authorities of Gaza to pursue an investigation on the attack in order to “bring those responsible to account.”

In Summer 2010, two UNRWA camps were torched according to Maan News Agency

The UNRWA sponsors summer camps to around 250,000 children of Gaza.