Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported Thursday that a medic working for the Bank Hapoalim in Tel Aviv, refused to provide the needed first aid to a Sudanese refugee who was wounded in a traffic accident near the Bank.Haaretz said that the refugee was struck by a taxi as he was riding his bicycle in Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, close to the Bank. The impact of the accident threw him off his bicycle and he was he was bleeding from his head.

Two guards of the bank witnessed the accident, and one of them called an ambulance, the other guard is a trained medic who rushed to the wounded man and when he looked at him he refused to provide first aid.

The guard claimed that he was “just following bank procedures”, an issue that was denied by the bank.

Minutes later, an Israeli ambulance arrived at the scene and took the injured Sudanese man to a local hospital.

The bank issued a statement saying that the security guards are trained medics; therefore, it is their responsibility to provide medical treatment to any injured person. The medic who refused to provide aid to the wounded man claimed that he left the scene after the ambulance arrived, Haaretz said.

But eyewitnesses at the scene said that both the guards left the injured man four and a half minutes before the ambulance arrived.