The Palestinian Boycott Divest Sanction organization has written a letter to the Irish company, Total Produce, to not purchase the Israeli produce company, Agrexco. The letter charged that Agrexco has been involved with “Israeli war crimes.”Sixty to seventy percent of the produce sold by Agrexco comes from confiscated Palestinian land in the West Bank. The BDS warned Total Produce that if they purchase Agrexco, Total Produce would be boycotted as well.

The letter written to the Irish Company on August 1, 2011 says, “Purchasing Agrexco would deem your company complicit in Israel’s violations of international law, and make it, therefore, a legitimate target for legal action and popular boycotts.

Agrexco has recently declared bankruptcy partially due to the worldwide boycott of its produce. According to, Agrexco owes 106 million euros to its creditors.

Over twenty organizations in Europe in thirteen European countries have declared a national boycott of Agrexco.

Agrexco profits by exporting sixty to seventy percent of its produce from illegal settlements according to a report by Separate and Unequal, issued by the Human Rights Watch.

The BDS letter explains how by purchasing Agrexco, Israel will continue to profit from illegal outposts in the West Bank.

The majority of Agrexco produce comes from Settlements in the West Bank, which are illegal under international law.