Palestinian prisoners were refused increased provisions of food for the holy month of Ramadan, Ma’an News reports. Ramadan began on August 1st. Palestinian Authority detainees minister Issa Qaraqe stated that the Israeli Prison administration refused a request to increase provisions by NIS 100. The increase would allow for Palestinian prisoners to purchase special food for Iftar, the breaking of the fast. Current allocations are NIS 300 per prisoner.

Israel claims they offered special provisions to the detainees but they turned them down. Qarage said that these offers were humiliating to the prisoners. The Palestinian Authority was also not allowed to provide Ramadan provisions.

This refusal by the prison administration represents the deteriorating conditions currently being seen by Palestinian prisoners. Prisoners have reported that their school books have been confiscated and they are no longer allowed to watch arabic channels on television, The Palestinian News Agency, WAFA reports.