An official Fatah report claims that former Gaza security chief, Mohammad Dahlan, was responsible for the poisoning of Yasser Arafat. It also accuses Dahlan of stealing millions of dollars in US aid money.Arafat died in 2004 under strange circumstances, and foul play has long been suspected. The Fatah report officially claims that Arafat was poisoned, and that Dahlan is responsible for his death.

In the past, Dahlan has been blamed for Fatah’s electoral loss and eventual ousting from the Gaza Strip in 2007.

In June of 2011, Fatah forced him out of the party and several weeks later Palestinian Authority police raided his home. There they seized files, weapons, computers, and arrested several members of his private security force.

Dahlan rejects the accusation and claims that Abbas is slandering him at the cost of helping Israel.

According to PNN, the report lacks substantial evidence for its accusations.