The Israeli army responded to a non-violent protest at Al-Walaja on Wednesday with gas and sound bombs. They detained five Israelis and one Palestinian, chasing the protestors from the olive grove into the village.Wednesday morning, a group of Palestinian, Israeli, and International activists protested against illegal wall construction that is destroying the olive fields of Al-Walaja village, near Bethlehem.

The Israeli soldiers fired gas and sound bombs at the protestors. The soldiers pursued the protestors when they began to leave, throwing sound bombs at them, according to eye witnesses. They chased them into the village and invaded homes, arresting one Palestinian.

In addition, five Israeli activists were detained. At least one was seized while attempting to leave the area.

The Israeli separation barrier has been condemned by the international community and declared illegal by an International Court of Justice ruling. The majority of it is being built on Palestinian land, blocking access to and stealing villagers’ fields.