UPDATE: More protesters continue to gather in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo. Power blackout was also reported in the area, while ambulances arrived at the scene as a precaution due to fears of possible clashes between the protesters and the Egyptian Military Police. Thousands of Egyptians continued their protest in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, demanding the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Cairo, to stop gas exports to Tel Aviv and to void the Camp David peace deal between Egypt and Israel.

The protest started on Friday morning while thousands continue to express their rejection to normalization between Israel and Egypt.

The protesters carried Egyptian and Palestinian flags, and held Friday prayers at the Nahda Square, in front of the Israeli embassy, and on the University Bridge.

They stated that the Israeli ambassador, Yitzhak Levanon, “must be thrown out of Egypt”, and that Egypt’s ambassador in Tel Aviv must be recalled, in protest to the death of Egyptian soldiers killed a week ago by Israeli fire in across the border following the Eilat shooting that led to the death of eight Israelis.

Following the Eilat shooting, Israeli soldiers opened fire at Egyptian border policemen, stationed on the Egyptian side, while military helicopters also violated Egyptian airspace; despite the fact the Egyptian officers were not involved, in any way, in the attack. Three Egyptian border policemen were killed in Israeli attack.

In Cairo, observers stated that all Egyptians are united in their demand to expel the Israeli ambassador and in recalling the Egyptian ambassador from Tel Aviv.

The Egyptian police deployed six armored vehicles in front of the embassy, and three more vehicles near the Saudi embassy in the area, while dozens of soldiers were deployed around the buildings.