Tunisian Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed that it popularly and officially supports the Palestinian statehood recognition at the United Nations. “We fully support the Palestinian move and urge all UN member states to vote for the Palestinian bid. We also support the Palestinian people’s right to establish an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital,” it assured.

Palestinian ambassador inTunisia, Salman Al-Harfi, separately held several meetings with the Director-General of the political affairs at Tunisia’s Foreign Ministry, ambassador Mohammed Najeeb Khashaneh, head of Supreme Commission for the protection of revolution’s aims, Eyad Ashour, head of Tunisian State Television, Mukhtar Rassaa, and the Dean of Tunisian advocates, Addel-Razaq Al-Keelani, Palestine News & Information Agency (WAFA) reported.

The meetings came as the Palestinian ambassadors abroad are taking actions and conducting diplomatic campaigns to garner further support to the Palestinian bid.

Al-Harfi discussed with Tunisian officials the latest ongoing political situation in Palestine, involving the political interactions and developments, especially the international and regional pressure imposed on the Palestinian leadership to void its bid of Palestinian statehood recognition in the 1967 borders, and to prevent it from obtaining a full membership at the UN and the Security Council.

“The Palestinian leadership is determined to file the Palestinian bid to the UN and international legitimacy,” he told reporters, “The Palestinian embassy in Tunisia discussed the tactivities the Palestinians would be conducting in Tunisia.”

For its part, the supreme commission of the Tunisian revolution and all its groups declared their unconditional support to the Palestinian statehood bid at the United Nations. They expressed their strong support for the just Palestinian cause, and the ending of the Israeli Occupation.

The commission issued a political statement declaring that it absolutely supports the Palestinian bid for full membership at the UN, and establishing an independent Palestinian state.

The national commission of the Tunisian advocates sent letters to UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, ambassadors of the EU, US, China, Russia and the international Federation of lawyers calling on them to the back the Palestinian statehood recognition bid at the UN.

Furthermore, the Palestinian embassy agreed with the head of Tunisias State Television to broadcast the Palestinian President address before the UN headquarter on Sep 22.

Moreover, the Tunisian State TV would broadcast some press activities planned by the Palestinian Embassy, and will live stream the official Palestine State Satellite Channel as well as holding interviews to clarify the Palestinian vision regarding the reason for the UN bid, the TV would also be hosting Palestinian folklore groups.