Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that the ongoing turmoil in the Arab World and the region is an earthquake at the international level, one that must be addressed by tightening Israeli security measures.“We worked along with the US Administration and Egyptians to withdraw Israeli personnel from the Israeli Embassy in Cairo,” he stated, adding “[US President Barack] Obama made a major effort to rescue the Israeli staff.” This was in reference to the Israeli decision to pull its ambassador from Egypt under cover of night on Friday, while protesters surrounded the embassy in Cairo.

“We can only make peace through negotiations. Everyone understands the importance of Israeli security in light of the ongoing turmoil in the region” said Netanyahu, regarding peace talks with Palestinians led by Egyptian mediators Egypt.

His statement came after Egyptian protesters surrounded the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, tearing down the security fence and climbing up to the top of the building waving the Palestinian flag, and burning the Israeli flag that had been stationed there.