Israeli sources reported that the Shabak and the Police removed a gag order on the apprehension of a cell of five in the Lower Galilee allegedly planning to conduct several attacks against Israel, including abducting soldiers, and to attack a police station. The cell is reportedly part of the Salafist Islamist group that planned to operate inside Israel to carry out attacks.

Israeli Yedioth Aharonoth reported that charges were filed Thursday against the five youths who were arrested last month, and that the head of this cell is Ismael Abdul-Qader Al Atrash, 24, who studies at the Haifa University.

Cell members are students the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), and Haifa University.

Israel said that the cell was uncovered before its members managed to carry out any attack, and that besides Al Atrash, cell members were identified as Ali Ibrahim, 19, Mahdi Soheil Masalha, 21, Ibrahim Ekteilat, 20, and Ismail Ibrahim Ekteilat, 20.

The Ynet said that cell members received training on methods to attack soldiers and obtain their personal weapons to use them in future attacks.