Israel recalled its ambassador in Amman,-Jordan, and ordered on Wednesday the evacuation of the embassy ahead of a planned massive protest in front of the Israeli embassy. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, ordered the evacuation of the embassy, while the ambassador Dani Nevo, and embassy personnel were all returned to Tel Aviv.

The planned protest in front of the embassy was made public on social websites.
A senior source at the Israeli Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem stated that Jordan conducted several security measures to protect the embassy.

Furthermore, Israeli paper, Maariv, reported that Jordanian security personnel accompanied the convoy of the Israeli diplomats to the Allenby Bridge where they crossed back to Tel Aviv.

The Foreign Ministry stated that the measure comes in light of the incidents that took place last week in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, as thousands of protestors held a protest in front of the embassy, while one protestor managed to pass through the barricades of the security forces and climbed the building before removing the Israeli flag.