Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank initiated a campaign meant to persuade Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to allow them to open the fire at Palestinians who hurl stones at private settler cars.Israeli daily, Maariv, published a photo of the campaign that demands a clear go-ahead to shoot the Palestinians. The campaign photo also includes a picture of an Israeli settler and his son who both died in a car accident last Friday near the village of Sa’ir, near Hebron, in the southern part of the west bank.

Last Friday, the “Rescue the Jewish people” committee, in charge of the campaign, has started to advertise for the explicit call to kill ‘stone-throwing Palestinians’ in Israeli settlement blocks, and in a number of Synagogues. The committee has announced that the campaign will continue until the next Saturday.

The new campaign bases its motives on a speech delivered by the current Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, when he concluded his term as Israel’s Ambassador at the United Nations in 1989, as he held a press conference and announced that ‘Israelis should open fire at any Palestinian who throws stones at them’.

Head of the ‘Rescue the Jewish People Committee’ stated while declaring the campaign; “I call all the people of Judea and Samaria to kill anyone who wants to kill them”.