The local guard committees foiled on Tuesday night an attack by Israeli settlers that targeted the residents of Palestinian residents of Tel Rumeideh, in Hebron.Around one hundred settlers gathered and toured from al-Shuhada’ street, and other neighborhoods in Hebron and headed to Tel Rumeideh.

Dozens of Palestinian volunteers gathered to stop the settlers, however the settlers fled the scene.
The local guards committees are groups of Palestinian volunteers who try to guard their cities and villagers from settler attacks.

‘Youth against settlement” is the group who organized the local guards committee in Hebron. The youth patrolled the city, day and night to keep watch of the city.

Issa Amro, the coordinator of the group, believes the Israeli Authorities give support to the settlers to escalate attacks against Palestinians.

“I do not rule out that the Israeli government to help the settlers attack the Palestinians. However the Palestinians must be fully aware especially that Jewish holidays are nearing, and we have to be united to face any possible attack from the settlers.’