The British newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, reported that the Palestinian Authority considers the international Quartet special envoy for the Middle East, Tony Blair, to be biased to Israel, and that the P.A would freeze any meeting with him, Palestinian media sources stated Thursday afternoon. Earlier on Thursday, the paper said that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) officials will be holding a meeting to decide whether to consider Mr. Blair “untouchable figure”

Blair lacks his charisma as an envoy of Quartet for peace in the Middle East particularly some of PLO officials accuse him of being biased for Israel, the paper added.

“Blair looks like an Israeli diplomat in many occasions,” the paper quoted Dr. Nabil Shaath, Central Committee member of Fatah, as saying.

“Palestinians do not have confidence IN Blair especially after his efforts to incite the EU states into voting against the Palestinian bid for statehood,” a Palestinian official told the paper.

Moreover, another Palestinian official said that that Palestinian Authority tends to interrupt and isolate Mr. Blair.

Earlier this week, the International Quartet for peace in the Middle East submit a proposal to Palestinians, emphasizes the re-starting of the frozen Palestinian-Israeli peace talks, stressing that the only way to achieve peace in the Middle East and establish an independent Palestinian state is through direct negotiations with Israel.

Quartet envoy, Blair, reconfirmed the quartet proposal, saying that the Palestinians should revive peace talks with Israel in order to make progress and achieve in peace in the Middle East.