European Foreign Policy chief, Catherine Ashton, informed Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, that the European Union (EU) will not freeze its funding to the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people, following the Palestinian application for full UN membership on September 23, European sources reported earlier on Monday.“Ashton informed Abbas that all EU projects carried out in the Palestinian Territories for the benefit of the P.A and the Palestinian people will not be frozen due to the PA leader’s move at the UN,” the sources told the Al-Quds newspaper.

Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Riyad Al-Maliki, commented on the U.S Congress’ resolution on freezing USD 200 million in funds for the Palestinians, saying that the P.A has not yet received any official confirmation of the resolution.

“The Palestinian leadership must not give up to pressure and threat, whatever they are, because its position is strong and steady regardless of the dangerous consequences of this move,” he added after having met with the Palestinian diplomatic missions in the West Bank.

During the meeting of the Arab peace initiative committee, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas asked the Arab states to guarantee ongoing Arab funding to the P.A if the U.S halts its financial aid.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia transferred USD 200 millions to Palestinians prior to the Palestinian move at the international body in the middle of September.

Last Saturday, the US Congress passed a resolution to freeze USD 200 million of aid for Palestine due to the Palestinian bid for UN statehood, and what was called ‘the refusal to revive stalled peace talks with Israel’.

The official Palestinian stance is that the P.A cannot continue holding talks with Israel while it continue its construction and expansion of settlements, and while it continues it violations and attacks.