The Israeli army kidnapped three Palestinians from the town of Halhoul north of Hebron on Tuesday, and invaded the town of ad-Dahreyeh south of Hebron, Palestine News & Information Agency (WAFA) reported.Palestinian Security sources reported that Israeli army forces kidnapped three Palestinian residents from Halhoul, identified as: Hamouda al-Baw, Ali al-Sa’di, and Wa’el al-Arja.

The army also searched several houses belonging to Khader al-Baw, Ali Shehada, Nidal al-Baw, and Saqer al-Baw, as well as other houses in al-Dahreyeh village in the southern part of Hebron.

In related news, a number of Israeli settlers stoned the house of the resident Mohammad Sadeq in the old city of Hebron, under cover of the Israeli army. In addition, the Army erected many military blockades in the city of Hebron and at the entrances of a number of villages, stopping the residents’ cars and checking their identities