Egyptian security leaders stated that they believe Israel still intends to conduct a large-scale military offensive against the Gaza Strip, despite extensive Egyptian efforts to maintain calm, and added that Egypt will not allow Israeli to cross “Red Lines”.The Maan News Agency quoted Egyptian officials stating that “Egypt is no longer the same country it was before the revolution.”

The sources also stated that the Egyptian security forces will not even be able to stop thousands of Egyptian youths who would march towards the border should Israel carry out a massive offensive against the coastal region.

It is worth mentioning that Egyptian security stated that two Palestinian shells, fired from Gaza into Israel during the latest Israeli military escalation, landed in Egyptian territory.

The sources added that a Palestinian shell landed and detonated on a road used by the Egyptian border policemen, close to the security fence between Israel and Egypt; damage was reported, no injuries.

A mortar shell also landed and detonated in Egyptian territory, two kilometres south of the Rafah Border Terminal, also leading to no injuries.