The U.S. Administration authorized the transfer of $200 Million to the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli Newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, reported late on Monday.Head of the U.S. Foreign Affairs Committee, Leena Ros Lethmon, stated that the Obama Administration would transfer $50 Million in security assistance to the P.A., along with $148 million in direct financial aid.

The US Congress held the funds since August 18, when the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and the Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, decided to submit its bid for full membership at the United Nations.

The application was officially submitted to the UN this past September, after Abbas’s speech given on September 23.

U.S. President, Barrack Obama, hasn’t talked recently about punishing Palestinians by freezing the USAID to the P.A, but the Israeli lobby in the United States is still calling for sanctioning the P.A., the British newspaper, The Independent, reported.

The US annually sends $600 million to the P.A. to use in the sectors of health, education and security for the Palestinians, and $50 million to help within the P.A. governmental budget; such as services and salaries.