The Likud Party, headed by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, filed a draft for a new law that calls for enforcing more restrictions on foreign funding to Arab organizations and leftists groups in the country.Yet, drafts for extremist laws, limiting the freedom of Arabs in the country, sanctioning leftist Israeli groups, are usually submitted by some of Israel’s most extreme parties, mainly Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel Our Home) Party, led by Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman.

The new draft law was submitted by the Likud Party without consulting “Israel Our Home” party; Lieberman’s party was preparing to file a draft law that allows Israel to force leftists and Arab groups to pay 45% in taxes on all foreign donations received.

But the proposed law submitted by Netanyahu and his Likud Members of Knesset, calls for blocking all donations to Arab and leftists groups in the country, the Arabs48 news website reported.

After the Likud submitted its draft law, Israel Our Home Party suggested that its own draft law should be submitted besides the draft law of the Likud; a move that received Netanyahu’s initial approval.

Analysts in Israel believe that Netanyahu and his Likud Party will try to appease the extreme right-wing parties in the country in order to keep them in the government and to appease them after they were “angered” by Netanyahu for removing some random and illegal settlements outposts in the occupied West Bank.

Extremists in Israel recently escalated their attacks against the Palestinians in the occupied territories, their homes and lands, by conducting repeated attacks, torching Palestinian orchards, and even mosques, and launched attacks against Israeli peace groups.