The Higher Committee for Medical and Emergency Serices in Gaza, reported that one Palestinian was killed and four others were injured, on Monday at dawn, when the Israeli Air Force bombarded a Naval Police station north west of Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.The attack was carried out by Israeli F-16 fighter-jets that fired several missiles at the police station.

The Quds Press news agency reported that the slain officer was identified as Mohammad Zaher Al Keelany, in his twenties. His body was severely mutilated due to the blast.

The agency added that medics and rescue teams located four injured Palestinians and are still searching for more casualties especially since two more are believed to be missing.

It is worth mentioning that the police station was repeatedly bombarded by Israel, and was completely destroyed during the Israeli war on Gaza, three years ago. The Hamas-led government in Gaza managed to rebuild it following the war.

15 Palestinians were killed in the past two weeks in a series of Israeli air-strikes targeting several areas in the Gaza Strip, dozens were injured.

The resistance in Gaza fired several shells into Asqalan, and other areas, killing one Israeli and wounding several others.