The Israeli Ministry of Interior approved on Sunday, a plan to build 4000 new settlement units in Deir Al-Asad, Ash-Shagour, Be’ana, Nahariya, Keebuteen, Ashalhout and Rashaveem, the Maan News Agency reported.According to the plan, 1211 new units will be built in Deir Al-Asad, 1127 in the area of Ash-Shagour, and 584 new units will be built in Be’ana, Israel’s Voice Radiostation reported.

The Israeli Minister of Interior, Eli Yishai, welcomed the move, stating that this plan will be done under a frame of a series of decisions to reduce the accommodation crisis.

However, Palestinian residents of the Galilee point out that the land in question is being illegally confiscated from the indigenous Palestinian residents of the area in order to construct the Israeli housing developments, which will be owned by the Jewish Agency and available only to Jewish Israelis.