A Palestinian prisoner who suffers from a chronic health condition was given the wrong injection at an Israeli prison hospital on Saturday, causing his health to deteriorate.Riyadh Al-Amor, 42, was treated at the Ramle prison hospital for a chronic heart condition. The injection he received caused temporary paralysis, and Al-Amor has had difficulty moving or walking since the injection was given.

He had been held in the Eshel prison camp, but was moved to Ramle last week when his health condition worsened. He is serving 11 consecutive life sentences after having been convicted by an Israeli military court in 2003 of conspiring to harm Israeli citizens.

Al-Amor is married with five children, but is rarely able to see his family due to Israeli restrictions on visitations.

Palestinian prisoner rights groups have pointed out that medical negligence is common in Israeli prison hospitals treating Palestinian prisoners. One group, the Palestinian Prisoners Society, recently published a report indicating that 2011 has been the worst year for medical negligence toward Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prison camps.