The King of Jordan, Abdullah II, will make a surprise visit to the West Bank today to meet with President Mahmoud Abbas to reiterate Jordan’s support for the Palestinian people.The visit to Ramallah was confirmed by the Petra News agency and “Comes as part of efforts to achieve peace and establish an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders based on the two-state solution.”

The King will be arriving in Ramallah at 11:30 by helicopter, for talks with Abbas, before a joint press conference at 13:00. This is Abdullah’s second official visit to the West Bank and his first since 2005.

Support from Jordan is an integral part of the Palestinian push for recognition as its own separate state. A Palestinian official told the AFP “We consider this visit an important part of King Abdullah’s support for President Abbas on the direction of Palestinian policy, as well as for the Palestinian people, particularly under the current circumstances,’ as reported by the Ma’an News Agency.

This afternoon’s press conference will announce details of the meeting between the two leaders.

Israeli officials seemed to be unaware of the visit from the King.