Israeli authorities said it will open the Karm Abu Salem, also known as Kerem Shalom, crossing to allow some basic material to enter into the beseiged Gaza Strip, Palestinian Media Sources reported Thursday.The incoming cargo, a total of 260 trucks, will contain mainly food supplies and some agricultural material and equipment. In addition to 59 truck loads of construction material to be especially used by the United Nations Work and Relief Agency of the Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) for its reconstruction projects.

The sources added that few thousands litres of cooking gas will be pumped into the besieged coastal region as well, in addition, one truck load of Chilli pepper will be allowed out of the Gaza Strip.

On wednesday Israeli authorities allowed the export of one truck load of chilli pepper, and allowed the entry of some aid packages, food supplies and some construction material.

The siege on Gaza has been imposed since 2006, and tightened in 2007. Over 300 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip died for the lack of medical supplies and inability to travel to Egypt for medical treatment.