The Israeli government has launched a program to pay students to promote the Israeli agenda on Facebook and internet chatrooms.Students participating in the program will receive a two thousand dollar stipend from the Jewish Agency, part of the Israeli government, to spend five hours a week online promoting talking points provided by the Israeli government.

According to the National Union of Israeli Students, which is a partner in the program, it is aimed at quote ā€œdeepening and expanding hasbara activities of studentsā€. Hasbara is the Hebrew word for propaganda.

Critics say that the information provided to student participants in the program does not make any distinction between anti-Jewish statements and legitimate criticism of the Israeli governmentā€™s policies.

Instead, program organizers say that all criticism of Israel constitutes ā€˜anti-Semitismā€™ and should be combated using cyber-warfare and propaganda.
To that end, they will be sending hundreds of self-proclaimed ā€˜student missionariesā€™ to colleges around the world to promote the online propaganda program and to encourage students to support the Israeli governmentā€™s agenda.

To be eligible for the program, students must have lived in Israel for three years and consider themselves active Zionists, as well as having served in the Israeli military.