The Israeli army announced that its Home Front concluded a two-month preparation for a potential military offensive against the Gaza Strip, the Arabs48 news website reported.On its website, the occupation army stated that the preparations included several scenarios, including the possibility of Palestinian fighters firing shells at Israeli areas that are 45 kilometers away from Gaza.

An Israeli military spokesperson stated that the army is ready to counter every possible scenario, including “the possibility that resistance fighters in Gaza could fire as much as 1000 shells into Israeli areas”.

The spokesperson stated that in 2011, Palestinian fighters in Gaza fired 680 shells into southern Israel, some of the shells were homemade, but some other shells were the advanced Grad Missiles.

During the three-week war that started on December 28, 2008, Israeli soldiers did not only bombard resistance centers, but also heavily bombarded civilians areas; homes, hospitals, schools, UNRWA facilities and infrastructure, killing 1419 Palestinians, the vast majority of them were civilians, including hundreds of women and children, and members of local rescue teams.

On the Israeli side, 13 Israelis were killed; eight of them were soldiers and five of the eight were killed by friendly fire.