Palestinian medical sources in occupied East Jerusalem reported Friday that a Palestinian youth from Silwan town, was seriously wounded after being struck by an Israeli army jeep injured in Bab Al Amoud area in occupied East Jerusalem.Jawad Siyam, head of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan, in Jerusalem, reported that resident Mahmoud Al-A’war, 18, was seriously injured while the soldiers prevented local medics from providing him with the urgently needed care.

Al-A’war was later moved to the Al-Maqassed Hospital in East Jerusalem suffering serious fractures to several parts of his body.

The wounded youth is from Ein Al-Loz area in Silwan; the jeep that hit him fled the scene before different army and police vehicles arrived at the scene.

Over the years, dozens of Palestinians, including children, were injured, some killed, after being rammed by Israel army and settler vehicles in the occupied territories.

The vast majority of these incidents were hit-and-run incidents and the assailants, although known to Israel, were never held accountable.