The Palestine New and Info Agency, WAFA, reported that a Jewish settler illegally took over Palestinian land near the northern West Bank city of Jenin by enclosing the land in a fence and uprooting it, claiming that it belongs to him.The land in question is located near Nazlat Zeid village, and is located behind the Israeli Annexation Wall.

WAFA said that, last week, the settler, Known as Eli, fenced off a land that belongs to Abdul-Raouf Barry and some of his relatives, and claimed that he “rented the land from the Israeli government.’ The land is privately owned by the Barry family.

Abdul-Raouf added that the family always planted the land, but was prevented from reaching it after Israel built the Annexation Wall, as the land became isolated behind it.

It is worth mentioning that settlers of the Shikda and Hananit illegal settlements are conducting ongoing attacks against Palestinian orchards that belong to several residents of Nazlet Zeid village, Al-Arqa village, and Ya’bod town.

Approximately 120 Dunams of lands became totally isolated behind the Wall in that area.

In related news, Israeli soldiers demolished on Monday a mobile home that was inhabited by the family of resident Mohammad Shaqara and his family in Al-Ashqariyya area, in Beit Hanina, in occupied East Jerusalem.

Soldiers and police officers surrounded the area while bulldozers belonging to the Jerusalem Municipality demolished the structure, leaving the family in the cold.