Palestinian Researcher, specialized in Detainees Affairs, Riyadh Al-Ashqar, stated that female detainee Hana’ Yahia Ash-Shalaby, 28, declared hunger strike after Israel transferred her into Administrative Detention without charges for six months.Hana’ was kidnapped by the army one week ago when the soldiers rearrested five of the detainees, including Hana’, who were released under the Shalit Prisoner-Swap deal. Troops violently broke into her home and searched it terrifying the family and causing excessive damage to the property, and kidnapped her; they also confiscated cell phones and a computer from the home.

Al-Ashqar said that , besides Hana’, there are five more Palestinian female detainees who are currently imprisoned by Israel; Lina Al-Jarbouni from the Arraba Al Batouf in the Galilee (imprisoned since April, 18, 2002) and serving a 17-year sentence, Woroud Maher Qasem, from At-Teera in Al-Muthallath area (imprisoned since April, 6, 2006 serving a 6-year sentence) , both Israel refused to release as part of the prisoner-swap deal because they live “in Israeli territory”, Salwa Hassan from Hebron (imprisoned since December, 17, 2011), and Saja Al-Alami from Betunia in Ramallah (imprisoned since January, 9, 2012).

Al-Ashqar stated that the imprisoned female detainees are facing very harsh conditions, adding that Salwa suffers from Rheumatism, visual impairment, calcium deficiency, and repeated pain in her legs, while detainee Woroud suffers from joint pain, calcium deficiency and general weakness.

In it worth mentioning that detainee Khader Adnan agreed, on Tuesday, to end his 66-day hunger strike after meeting with Israeli officials who pledged to release him in April.

Khader had been near death, facing possible organ failure, for the last week in an Israeli prison hospital. He was protesting his illegal detention under “Administrative Detention” orders without charges.