The International Solidarity for Human Rights reported that the Israeli Prison Administration decided to release dozens of Palestinian political prisoners under certain set conditions; detainees sentenced to more than four years will not be released.Ahmad Al-Beitawy, a researcher at the International Solidarity for Human Rights, stated that Israel will be subtracting the time served from their original sentence, and will be releasing, Friday, all detainees sentenced to four years or less, the Maan News Agency reported.

Maan added that the Prison Administration decided to act on the new “subtraction law” in August of last year, an issue that led to delaying the release of hundreds of detainees who were supposed to be release after the time served is subtracted from their sentence. If fully implemented, it would likely lead to the release of hundreds of detainees.

There are thousands of detainees who are still imprisoned by Israel, hundred are serving high, including life, terms.