The Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) announced Wednesday that president Mahmoud Abbas agreed to be the head of the upcoming interim Palestinian government for a few months, until new elections are prepared and held.The PLO said that the new interim government will be a government of technocrats, and will have the main task of supervising the general and presidential elections.

Furthermore, the PLO said that Abbas stressed on the importance of resuming all talks with Arab and international countries in order to guarantee the resumption of the peace process with Israel as long as this process in based on halting all Israeli settlement activities, and accepting the 1967 borders (West bank, Gaza Strip and occupied East Jerusalem) as the foundation of the two-state solution.

The Executive Committee said that all international efforts, especially those at the Security Council and the United Nations, must continue as Israel continues to violate international law by its ongoing attacks, and its ongoing settlement construction and expansion in Jerusalem and the West Bank.