Two Palestinian civilian were injured on Monday at dawn during an accident at a Tunnel in Rafah city near the Gaza-Egypt borders.
Medical sources reported that the two men sustained moderate to critical wounds and were moved to a hospital Rafah for treatment. Sources in Gaza said that the two men fell inside the tunnel which casued their injuries.

Meanwhile on Monday morning Israeli troops invaded a number of West Bank communities and arrested eight civilians.

Local sources reported home-searches in the city of Hebron, southern West Bank and nearby villages were Israeli soldiers arrested four civilians.

While the central West Bank city of Ramallah was raided by Israeli soldiers and home searched were made at the village of Silwad. In northern West Bank the city of Salfit and Azoun village were also targeted by Israeli invasions and home searches, four civilians were arrested there, local sources reported.

The army radio claimed that all arrested 8 were on the military wanted list and were moved to army detention facilities for interrogation.