An International campaign, supported by 320 local and international human rights groups, was launched on Tuesday morning in Gaza city declaring support to the struggle of Palestinian political prisoners held in dozens of Israeli prisons, detention and interrogation facilities, the Palestinian News & Info Agency reported.The Euro Mediterranean Observer for Human Rights issued a press release stating that the international campaign, dubbed as “My Thirst For Freedom” was launched today, April 17, as it marks Palestinian Prisoners Day.

Representative of the Euro Mediterranean Observer in Gaza stated during a press conference that 320 nongovernmental organizations around the world are part of this campaign, and will be acting within international laws in order to pressure the state of Israel into granting the detainees their legitimate international rights.

The organizations are calling for justice, the implementation of international law, an end to solitary confinement, allowing families of Gaza Strip detainees to visit (a right denied for the last six years), stopping attacks against the detainees’ rooms and cells, stopping the illegal fines imposed against the detainees, and ending all forms of strip search against the detainees and their visiting family members.

Regional director of the Euro Mediterranean Observer, Anami As-Sinwar, stated that the institutions that signed the call will form a unified coalition on an international level, adding that this coalition will act in support of the demands of the detainees, and will demand Israel to grant the detainees all rights guaranteed by International Law.

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EuroMed is registered as a human rights organization with internationally operating offices in Geneva, Switzerland — the seat of many international agencies focused on human rights and law – and London. Their regional office is in Gaza; several EuroMed regional offices are also operating in other countries.