An Israeli military courted rejected, Monday, an appeal filed by lawyer Jamil al-Khateeb, on behalf of Bilal Thiab and Thaer Halahla, who are holding an open-ended hunger strike demanding to be released as no clear charges were filed against them.Al-Khateeb stated that the court claimed that the strike held by the two detainees “does not change the fact that their secret file includes dangerous information”, and that “the file proves their involvement in activities that endangers Israel’s security”.

The court also claimed that, should the two be released, “they will pose danger on Israel’s security”, and added that “the current health condition of the two detainees is due to their hunger strike, and could change if they end their strike”.

Al-Khateeb stated that the court claims that the two are members of Islamic Jihad, and that they are involved in violations that include obtaining automatic weapons, and planned attacks against Israeli targets.

No specific and clear charges were filed against them yet due to the claimed “secret file” that even the defense attorney can have access to.