The Islamic Jihad movement warned that the Egyptian-mediated truce with Israel will be abandoned if any hunger-striking detainee dies in an Israeli prison or detention camp.Khader Habeeb, a political leader of Islamic Jihad, stated in a press conference in Gaza that should any detainee die “Israel will be held responsible for his death, and will bear the consequences of what will happen”.

The press conference was held after a sharp deterioration in the health condition of detainees Thaer Halahla and Bilal Thiab as a result of which Thiab was moved to Assaf Harofeh Israeli Medical Center. Both detainees have entered their 63rd day of hunger strike. “We received news that Thiab could die at any given moment”, Habeeb said. “The situation is heading for escalation, and we cannot remain silent while Israel continues its violations against the detainees; any death will be dealt with as an assassination”.

Islamic Jihad leader, Khaled al-Batsh, stated that the movement had contacted President Mahmoud Abbas, Fateh official Dr. Saeb Erekat, and the Secretary-General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, informing them of the latest developments. Islamic Jihad had also contacted the Egyptian leadership in an attempt to save the lives of Thiab and Halahla.

On Monday, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) – Israel Branch, warned that the health condition of Thaer Halahla and Bilal Thiab is causing grave concern, adding that both detainees suffer from an acute decrease of muscle tone and are bedridden, which puts them under dual threat of muscle atrophy and thrombophilia which can lead to a fatal blood clot.