On Monday and early Tuesday, Israeli soldiers abducted nine Palestinians from Burin village, near Nablus, six residents of Hebron, and one resident of Tammoun near Tubas. Soldiers also attacked four residents in Qalandia Refugee Camp, and three residents and a child in Hebron.

The army invaded Burin village on Tuesday at dawn, broke into and searched several homes, ransacking property as they went before taking the nine residents. The kidnapped Palestinians were identified as Bilal Eid, Yasser Eid, Imad Omran, Raed az-Zibn, Montaser Eid, Castro Qadous, Bashar Qadous, Bashir Qadous, and Mohammad As’ous. All abducted residents were cuffed, blindfolded and taken to the Huwwara military base, near Nablus.

In related news, four Palestinians were wounded after undercover forces of the Israeli military broke into their home at midnight on Monday in the Qalandia refugee camp, north of occupied East Jerusalem. The residents were pepper-sprayed and suffered concussions and bruises after being kicked and beaten by the soldiers. The injured residents were moved to the Palestine Medical Center, in Ramallah.

Earlier on Monday, soldiers abducted six Palestinians in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and attacked two residents violently beating and kicking them causing several injuries. Soldiers also struck a 10 year old child, identified as Mahran Abu Hayya, and resident Shadi Sidir, 28, at the ash-Shuhada’ Street in Hebron.

Another resident, identified as Abdullah Bani Odah, 20, was taken on Monday after soldiers broke into his home in Tammoun town, near the central West Bank city of Tubas.

The invasions and arrests are part of daily Israeli military assaults against the Palestinians in occupied Palestinian territories, including in occupied East Jerusalem.