Ma’an News Agency reported Monday that the Israeli authorities have opened the Karam Abu Salem Commerical Crossing for goods and aid, and will pump large quantities of diesel for the power plant of Gaza.On Sunday May 5th, Karam Abu Salem Crossing opened from 7 am till 6 pm. During this time 217 trucks crossed into Gaza as follows:
* 10 trucks for aid,
* 126 trucks for the commercial sector, including 4 trucks of wheat and 17 trucks of hay,
* 16 trucks for the agricultural sector,
* 12 trucks of cement and construction supplies,
* 53 trucks of gravel UNRWA projects. In addition, Israel also pumped 201,820 litres of cooking gas.

Engineer Raed Fattouh, Chairman of the Co-ordination Committee for the entry of goods into the Gaza Strip, stated to Ma’an News Agency that 240 trucks were expected to enter the Gaza Strip on Monday loaded with aid and supplies for the commercial, agricultural and transportation sector, including 20 brand new vehicles; 3 truckloads of cement and building supplies; 46 trucks for UNRWA projects; 3 trucks loaded with electricity poles and cables for the power plant; and a truck loaded with 2 water pumps for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

He also said that they will be pumping limited amounts of cooking gas, diesel and gasoline, as well as industrial diesel for the power plant in Gaza.