Ari Gallahar of Ynetnews reports today that advertisements made to look like imaginary wedding invitations have been distributed throughout Jerusalem’s streets in a bid to demonstrate what would happen if Jewish parents fail to keep watch over their daughters Lehava, the extremist Jewish organization for the prevention of assimilation in the Holy Land, has come up with a new gimmick that is creating a stormy debate on the issue of mixed marriages between Jews and Arabs.

In an ad made to look like an imaginary wedding invitation between Michal and her chosen groom, Mohammad, distributed throughout Jerusalem’s streets, the organization is seeking to demonstrate what would happen if parents fail to keep watch over their daughters.

The ‘invitation’ asks you to join Michal and Mohammad as they celebrate their marriage on a Friday night at the Shahid (martyr) events hall in Ramallah. Next to the invitation the ad reads: ‘If you don’t want your daughter’s wedding invitation to look like this then…Don’t let her work with Arabs or do national service with non-Jews, don’t let her work in a place that employs enemies and don’t bring home migrant workers…’

Secular people who saw the ‘invitations’ expressed their anger over what they say is the racist wording of the ad: ‘They are staining an entire nation and turning us into racists against our will. We are not all primitives as might be understood from the ad,’ said one Jerusalemite after reading it.

The Lehava organization’s goal is to ‘save the daughters of Israel who have been tempted into a romantic relationship with a non-Jew.’