In a press release, the leftist Palestinian People’s Party (PPP) announced that Engineer Anwar Fuad Riziq, from Beit Jala City near Bethlehem, was assassinated on Wednesday, by a bomb that was implanted in front of his home in Tirana city, in Albania.Albanian media sources reported that the attack took place at 8 a.m.; Anwar was leaving his apartment, close to the American Consulate, and once he opened the main door, the explosive charge went off leading to his death. Initial sources said that the charge was operated by a remote control.

The Albanian Police said that the assailants likely monitored Anwar for a while, studying his daily routine, and that he drove his two children every day to school.

Riziq was the manager of a cement factory; the police opened an investigation while some sources stated that he might have been killed by assassins hired by a competing company.

The Police also asked the American Embassy to provide them with surveillance materials hoping to find something that would help the investigators.

On Friday, Albanian Foreign Minister, Bujar Nishani, sent his condolences, and the condolences of the Albanian government, to the family of Riziq, and to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Nishani vowed to closely follow-up the investigation until the assassins are apprehended and prosecuted, adding that several suspects have been apprehended. He also said that a private investigation corporation is also part of the investigation.

Nishani stated that he does not believe the attack was politically motivated, but added that he “will not exclude any venue”.

Fuad Riziq, the father of Anwar, served as a member of the Palestinian National Council and the Central Council of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). He was one of the founders of the Palestinian Communist, and served as its first Secretary-General.